Student Reviews

The Mico University College Library is the perfect place to have my online classes. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. The workers are very helpful and friendly. The library is the place I go when I need assistance with my assignments.

B. Brown
Natural Sciences

The Mico University College Library helps me to focus well in my class because of the quiet environment and the motivational charts and quotes in the space. Also, the Internet connectivity is strong and so it keeps me in classes.  Moreover, the workers are very helpful and polite. I wish the library was open on weekends so I could have access to resources when needed.

S. Sterling
Natural Sciences

I’ve benefited in many ways from the library. First of all, the quiet environment allows me to finish my assignments and go to class. Secondly, I can use the textbooks available to me at the physical library and online library platform to complete my assignments for class and for additional reading. Finally, with the library’s aid, I can photocopy documents. I am sincerely appreciative of the services that the library offers to college students.

Shakira Taylor
Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts

The Library has given me a quiet place to relax and read books.

Paul Davis
School of Continuing Studies

The library has given me a quiet space to do assignments and has a strong Internet connection.  The staff is friendly and the books are organized and informative.

Kiersten Bowen
Faculty of Education

The library has provided me with a quiet place to relax and study.

Kayon McNeil
School of Continuing Studies

The library provides a quiet and safe space to study and finish uncompleted work.

Sasha Munroe
School of Continuing Studies

This library has been beneficial to me. When I need to attend online classes while on campus I am sure of a safe space. I have a quiet place to sit and also do my presentations.

Terrisa Faulknor
Natural Science

The library has been a safe place where I can go and enjoy my own company and relax. I spend quality time there where I can sometimes do my online classes without disruption and sometimes enjoy the company of my friends whenever they are with me.

Moneik Robotham
School of Continuing Studies

The library has served me in very special ways. I have a safe haven for me to study in peace, especially because I can’t concentrate too well. Hence the library has been a valuable asset for me at the Mico. The efficiency and services are incredible, especially from the workers in the library who are so kind and caring.  They look out for students on every level.


The library has provided a quiet place for me to focus and concentrate on my work. It is very peaceful and friendly environment to be a part of.

Joshua Yee
School of Continuing Studies

I have had a great experience with The Mico Library. The online catalogue allows me to check if the textbooks for my courses are available. This convenience has saved me time and money.

Latoy Bent
Language and Literacy Major

The Mico Library catalogue provides access to a wealth of information at my fingertips. The electronic resources are especially helpful.

Brianna Campbell
Mathematics Major

The library is my safe place where I go to study or catch up on latest things. It is a really peaceful place because I get to enjoy my own company without anyone disturbing me. If you like your own company the library is the place for you.

Dawan Davis
School of Continuing Studies

As an upcoming educator the library has impacted me positively. The library provides additional materials that relates/contributes to my area of specialization.

R. Jackson
Faculty of Science and Technology

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