About Us

The Mico University College Library exists to provide quality academic support to the institution in ensuring that information is acquired, processed and made available to students and faculties as well as users in the wider community. The present library occupies a space of approximately 2,400 square feet and includes Offices, Reference Room, Technical Service Area, Reprographic Room, Reserved Book Collection (R.B.C.), Circulation Area, General Reading Area, Learning commons, Graduate commons, Faculty Lab and Display Area.

There is a continuous effort to expand and update the Library services to meet the changing curriculum and recreational needs of library patrons.

Our History

Interact with the timeline below for a snapshot of the history of the MUC Library. Drag the timeline to the left or right to go forward or backwards respectively.

The MUC Library is established

The Mico University College Library was established since the inception of the institution in 1835 and has served as an integral part of the programme to promote the professional and social development of the teachers in training. 

Humble Beginnings
Starting Small

In keeping with the student enrolment in 1896, the library was a small room located on the ground floor of the Buxton Building, in close proximity to the Principal's Office.  

The Library Grows

By the 1960s, with the growing student population the need for additional texts, reading materials and work space became a priority. The library was then moved to the first floor of the Buxton Building (above BG8) where two classrooms were converted for this purpose.

New Location
Additions & Expansion

Plans to establish a Museum/Library were accelerated, and in 1992 this Centre was erected, forming the first floor of a 2-storey building - the ground floor being the INAFCA Museum.  This building was named the Renford Shirley Building after the then principal of the institution.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of The Mico University College Library is to provide access to resource materials in a user-friendly environment in order to support the academic programmes of the institution and to meet the recreational needs of student teachers and faculties.

Our Goals

The Library's rules are for everyone's benefit

Before using the library's services, take a moment to read and understand the Library's rules.

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